It has been my very good fortune to meet and work with Bill Brower of, one of the best Tradestation programmers in the world. We’ve been working on a project to convert my best swing trade systems and unique market indicators into bullet-proof Tradestation code.  When you add the power of Tradestation automation and Tradestation backtesting, you have a baseline set of strategies that prepare you to swing trade in either direction in any market condition, and which can be adapted to meet your own personal objectives and beliefs.

Bundle pricing:

Bundle 1: 7 swing trade systems, trade framing and reward:risk estimation:

Traders looking to jumpstart their shorter term trading systems will be interested in Bundle 1, which features 7 of my best swing trade systems, my techniques for estimating reward: risk ratios, and my comprehensive “trade framing” technique. Bill has included the “continuation pattern” which can be toggled on or off for each of the swing trade systems, which enables the trader to stay with a swing trade that is successfully growing into a long term trade.

Bill’s code allows you to take advantage of Tradestation’s Radar screen to quickly sort and prioritize the best trading ideas in seconds. He links the Radar Screen to live chart windows that allow you to see the automatically-framed trades on familiar charts in the time frame you prefer to operate in.  He’s designed each strategy implementation to allow for adapting parameters so your systems can stay-tuned with changes in the market.

Tradestation Bundle 1 contents and demo videos:

Tortoise Trade Station Project: Bundle 1 packing list


  • Each of these implements the systems definitions we teach in the workshop and trade daily
  • Using end of day data, if any symbols in your desired symbol list fires, then RadarScreen:
    • shows  the system that signals a setup,
    • the autoframer computes entries, initial stops, profit targets, reward: risk ratios, intermediate profit target levels, and trailing stops.
    • The intraday WMB indicator supports intraday trading aimed at price improvement and opportunity trading
KL_551W 551w trading system, with variable parameters
KL_5DD 5 Days Down trading system, with variable parameters
KL_Channeling Channeling trading system, with variable parameters
KL_OverReaction Overreaction trading system, with variable parameters
KL_TripleScreen Triple Screen trading system, with variable parameters
KL_Washout Washout trading system, with variable parameters
KL_Setups (compiles the systems whose signals have fired)
Continuation pattern Code embedded in each strategy module, that can be toggled on/off that will check to see if there is a continuation pattern available after a successful trade that is starting to resume its move up
 INDICATORS (these are indicators from the strategies that are plotted on TS charts
KL_551W Posts the trading system parameters on live charts
KL_5DD Posts the trading system parameters on live charts
KL_Channeling Posts the trading system parameters on live charts (and exit signals when backtesting)
KL_ Frame this is the “autoframer” that constructs and plots the mechanical trade frame for green zone trading; incorporates rangestat
 KL_GapStat_RS this computes the 30 day pattern of gap size and direction and subsequent follow thru, that we currently display for SPY on the daily email; a very powerful idea. It populates columns in Radar Screen
KL_GapStat2_RS this computes the daily gapstat, used for computing overnight risk levels, and populates columns in Radar Screen
KL_OverReaction Posts the trading system parameters on live charts
KL_NDX Displays the Tortoise NDX indicator on live charts, with variable parameters for defining Overbought/Oversold
KL_Setups_Chart Code for connecting Radar Screen  signals to live chart displays
KL_Setups_RS Is the code for alerting you in radar Screen if any of the patterns have fired
KL_TripleScreen Posts the trading system parameters on live charts
KL_UltimateEntryPlus This uses the initial risk to compute a ladder of 1R, 2R, 3R profit targets
KL_Washout Posts the trading system parameters on live charts
KL_WMB Posts the indicator rules when they fire  on live charts
KL_WMB_RS a 7th strategy, looks for daily charts that meet WMB criteria

Bundle 2: 6 unique market classification indicators:

To find an edge in the market you have to look at the market in ways that other traders aren’t; otherwise you are always moving with the herd. The 6 indicators in bundle 2 provide a statistics-based framework of describing the current state of the market over time. They let you compare an instrument’s behavior through time, or against a population of interest, or in comparison to the market itself.

Bill’s code allows you to vary the baseline parameters so that you have indicators that are tuned to your style of trading. The indicators help find what may be key turning points and allow you to estimate the potential size of subsequent moves.

Below are the links to the Ken Long Bundle 2 videos

Tortoise Trade Station Project: Bundle 2 packing list


Indicators:This bundle is focused on a set of indicators that help describe current market conditions within the context of a user-defined lookback period, based on statistical descriptions
  • Classifies today’s “%stretch” above the 200dMA in a historical/stats based context
  • Part 1of the Tortoise market classification
  • Uses ATR% to classify the current market volatility in a historical, stats-based context
  • Part 2 of the Tortoise market classification
  • Uses slope of the 30d regression line to classify current strength of trend in a historical & stats based context
  • Great for finding intermediate term trend pivot areas
  • Computes the Slopestat of regions sectors, or a basket of symbols;
  • Subtracts the slope of SPY to find the relative alpha of the basket members,
  • Find relative strength quickly and dynamically
<KL_>”50d Slopestat”
  • uses slope of the 50dMA with historical and statistical context to classify opportunity/risk
  • Excellent for intermediate time frame and position trading
<KL_>“Tortoise market classification”
  • Combines 2 indicators to create a 9 condition “Market classification” scheme
  • Price vs the 200dMA and the VolStat for SPY

Announcing Tortoise Tradestation Bundle3:  Blended Monthly Rebalancing

This is a powerful, unique package for Tradestation that combines the power of momentum investing with the backtesting power of Tradestation as coded by legendary Tradestation wizard, Bill Brower (featured in the 800 page book Tradestation Made easy by Sunny Harris).
Bill spent over 200 hours coding up the Tortoise Blended Monthly Rebalancing into a long term trading framework that represents my long term core approach to investing.
It has the following features:
1. Build portfolio lists for any combination of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds (no limit to the number of list members)
2. Vary the lookback periods of the fast and slow momentum factors, and the percent blend
3. Vary the Moving average filter
4. Vary the number of instruments held (is own the top “x” members of your portfolio)
5. Specify and vary trailing stops and profit target exits
6. Run backtests of the portfolio strategy over user-defined time periods
7. Produce  strategy analysis and performance reports
8. See the results of your backtest in seconds and compare the equity curves to the market buy and hold strategy
This rich set of features is not available anywhere else to our knowledge and far exceeds the backtesting and portfolio capabilities of the excellent site, where an annual membership will run you nearly $500, but which limits you to ETFs only, portfolios of 25 and does not allow for trailing stops or profit exits.
Bill’s wizardy with Tradestation allows for powerful portfolio back-testing that’s simply not available to other Tradestation users.
Videos demos of the package are available for review at:

Bill Brower’s Tradestation programming sites: