Annual Kansas City Research weekend and Live trading workshops.

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Workshop Q and A (answers to questions asked about a recent workshop):

I’m very interested in attending Ken’s training but can you please let me know:

Will we be learning one system or many systems?

A: You will learn 3 variations of the mechanical Frog system, along with reasonable points where parameters may be varied, supported by ongoing evidence from forward trading a conservative version that is positive expectancy.  You will learn and practice on he RLCO framework: a strategy that has at least 5 distinct applications with easily recognized patterns that can be traded separately or in an integrated way. You will lean how to combine these intraday strategies with longer-term swig trade patterns and trades in order to get more value out of longer term systems. So, the answer is either: 2 systems, to 8 strategies that can also be done in tandem with swing trading in a systematic way.

The expectancy of the systems?

A: The expectancy of the extensively studied conservative mechanical Frog system is .2, for a data set of 800 trades.  Our experience at the live trading workshops is that the RLCO can come in at an expectancy of .3 to .4, when you find the specific strategies and adaptations that really suit you.

Required capital needed to trade Ken’s day trading systems?

A: I recommend a minimum account size of 25K in order to be properly capitalized for routine trading.

Markets traded (forex? futures?)?

  1. The systems are designed for equity indices, ETFs, and futures, and individual stocks, but growing body of evidence that the systems may be effectively applied to Forex pairs and Forex pairs futures.

Trading hours/ Time required to trade?

A: the Frog can be traded in the morning on most days; some days allow for an afternoon move as well. The RLCO framework is flexible as to times of day and the amount of management really correlates to how tight you want to place he stops.

What type of market context do these system/s operate in?

A: the Frog system is robust in all market types; the RLCO framework has adaptive parameters that frames decisions and opportunities consistently across all market types. I make that statement given the particular methods I use to describe market conditions, but I believe the statements to be fair given what we generally mean by market classification.

Is there any specialist software required?

  1. Excel, if you want to tinker with parameters and symbol sets, but otherwise no.  Any full featured charting package will have the simple indicators we apply to create the framework, which is our particular way of describing market conditions and price action.

Minimum risk required per trade?

A:  My beliefs: ranging from .1% of portfolio , to not higher than 2%  of portfolio per trade; I favor trading at the minimum risk per trade that remains acceptably cost effective. The systems and frameworks generate enough signals that you want the  system expectancy

Beliefs required to trade this system?

A: Fully articulated in the systems definitions, and exercised daily in our chatroom.  Available upon request to IITM students.   I have found that it is easier for people to believe they have understood the beliefs rationally than it is to actually put them into practice . I appreciate this question because I have not ever put that idea into those exact words, but I now recognize just how true and important that insight is.