Brain Mode Power


BRAIN MODE® power is the leading learning and thinking style system on the market today, delivering the awareness, knowledge, strategies and long-lasting skills that leverage your people’s diverse learning and thinking style strengths for competitive advantage and superior performance.

Our performance learning system identifies and helps you use and leverage the unique strengths and diversity in learning, thinking and working styles of your people to create a strong and sustainable competitive edge, directly …linking learning to earnings.™

The BRAIN MODE® power performance learning system encompasses:

  • 40 years of scientific research in Accelerated Learning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • 14 years of product development based on pertinent business needs
  • Statistically validated assessment
  • Customized reports for individuals and teams
  • 14 day follow-up integration tool called BRAIN MODE® Builders
  • State-of-the-art electronic platform (E-BRAIN™)
  • Statistical data base showing how teams and organizations prefer to learn and think

Each participant completes a statistically validated assessment. The results identify an individual’s perceptual sensory preferences (Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory) and cognitive thinking patterns (Global, Sequential and Integrated).

Our electronic reports are personalized and tailored for the highest level of awareness and business impact on individual, team and organizational behavior.

Our learning performance system is highly effective, user friendly, easily understood, and supported with customized application tools and follow-up integration programs.

BRAIN MODE® power product results can be delivered for:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Divisions
  • Organizations

When you want to develop more self-directed employees and teams, use the foundational First Step of BRAIN MODE® power for the business results you are looking for.  For more information, Contact


I experienced the benefits of Brain Mode Power during my doctoral dissertation research. I found it to be an incredibly helpful tool for integrating the various insights I was gaining through my research activities with the insights I was generating from my reflective journaling about my own practices and experiences.

Some of the insights I gained helped me understand and process some deeply emotional moments I experienced in combat in a way that conventional counseling and meditation had not done.

The connections to science and a model of how the brain worked enabled me to put he final pieces into place in a way I found to be profound and useful.

I liked the experience so much that I became a licensed provider of the tool and have been actively looking for ways to incorporate the BMP insights into my trading practice and in my own personal learning journey

My preferences:

Brain Mode Power Package for traders: $300

  1. Receive a link for the BMP instrument, an online self-assessment which takes about 15 minutes to complete
  2. Within minutes you receive a detailed 17 page personalized report hat explores various dimensions of your cognitive preferences in 2 dimensions:
    1. Sensory mode (Audio vs Visual vs Kinesthetic): how you prefer to receive information
    2. Processing orientation (Global vs Sequential vs Integrated): you you prefer to process and interpret information
  3. The report is filled with insights (see my personal report below for a sample)
  4. Over the next 12 weeks you periodically receive a set of follow-up application exercises which draw upon elements of the report to help you apply the insights in practical exercises designed to lock in the learning


Ken’s application of Brain Mode Power to trading and personal development

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